Digital Books

These books have pages that use professional photographic papers which are designed either by yourself or by us, and then bound into album cover of your choice.

Slip-In albums

The slip in system was invented by Mario Acerboni Albums in the early 1980s. The page system didn’t require glues to stick prints to pages which is quite useful in the warmer climes of the Mediterranean!  They are very easy and versatile to put together. Simply attach the prints to an overlay with adhesive tape and then slide the overlay into the page opening. There are many overlay designs designed to accept standard sized prints. Remember that square format albums allow both portrait or landscape orientation. Composite image prints can be used instead of overlays if required. Best of all.. the design of the pages protects your printed image from rubbing against one another hence prolonging the life! See images……..

Classic Leaf Albums

One of the original leaf systems in album history. Apply adhesive to your prints and apply them in any fashion to the album leaf. A tissue interleaf protects prints when placing them back to back on the leaves. This classic system also allows you to add extra items such as cards, invitations etc. See images ……………